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Re: 回复: slapcat command

Eileen(=^ω^=) wrote:
>    thank you for the reply. i use the slapcat is for backup the BDB database. if the computer down, i can use the slapadd commond to put the backup file back to the server. but now i can not find the right way to use the slapcat commond to get the output file, which can use the slapadd commond add the records back directly. you know  'createTimestamp' etc attributes can not add into the server computer directly.‍
>      so could you pls tell me how to use the slapcat commond to take the right output file. the output file can directly use the slapadd commond into the server.

slapadd will definitely add 'createTimestamp' etc. when adding entries which
do not exist before.

If anything goes wrong on your side you should provide more information about
what exact command you're using and what the error message is.

Ciao, Michael.

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