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Re: Have you seen this FUD - IT pros suffer OpenLDAP configuration headaches ?

Quoting Christian Kratzer <ck-lists@cksoft.de>:

as has been said before several times. There is no reason to lose your ability to put your configs into version control when you move to cn=config.

- You can check the output from slapcat -n0 into your vcs.

"You" in my message referring to the OP, not you Christian.

Or you can ldapsearch it from a backup script running on a cron job. Or you can cd into the config directory and do a git init.

In any case, dynamic configuration IS an enterprise-grade/carrier-grade feature as opposed to static configuration. It enables you to perform critical adjustments to your service without interrupting your service (more or less depending on the implementation). I have built multilevel LDAP clusters where there were over 15000 simultaneous persistent connections from mobile network elements checking RBAC against management actions and believe me, static configuration would have been a showstopper if I needed to restart LDAP services just to expand my capacity (adding new replicas, etc).

If you don't see why dynamic configuration is a good idea, then you probably shouldn't be using LDAP for anything too important, anyway.

I personally believe that support for static configuration should be removed already because having two different configuration systems in place serves to confuse a lot of people, especially learners.