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Re: OpenLDAP compatibility between client and server of different versions

--On Saturday, February 01, 2014 12:22 AM +0100 "Fabien C." <t74jgwb88tli9ch@jetable.org> wrote:


I have a few questions about OpenLDAP versions compatibility:

 - How to know what version of OpenLDAP client is compatible with what
version of the server?  - Is there backward or forward compatibility
tables from the client and/or server point of view?  - For a given
version of the server, how to know which clients are compatible, and
conversely?   - And most important: what about replication?

LDAP is a protocol. As long as they are speaking the same version of the protocal (generally LDAP v3, there is no compatibility issues).

As for replication, you should use the same version of OpenLDAP between all nodes (provider(s) and consumer(s)). Preferably a current release.



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