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Re: [LMDB] Error 87 followed by MDB_PAGE_NOTFOUND

On 2014-01-29 16:58, Alain wrote:
While running our app (which seemed to be running slow on this last
job), I ended up receiving an rc:87 on a commit, which my app couldn't
recover from. I have verified that I have free disk space, free RAM.

Error numbers are OS-dependent.  What's errno 87?
E.g. what does this say: perl -le '$! = 87; print $!'

Which LMDB version and operating system do you use?

Upon restart, after the db was opened, the first process started and
quickly reported an MDB_PAGE_NOTFOUND on a call to mdb_cursor_get

If the latest commit was bad, maybe previous one is
OK.  We need to give mdb_copy an option to make a
backup using the oldest instead of youngest commit.
Then you'll lose just the last commit instead of