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RE: N-Way Multi-Master

I was not able to get slapcat to work, so, thankfully being a test environment, it was easy to back step and recreate the slapd.d.

Now, rereading the Admin Guide...years ago, on our production environment I did this wrong and trying to correct in our test environment before rolling it out; but, it was my intent to create MMR but only ended up creating a Delta-syncrepl.

Am I mistaken, or do I on each server in the MMR configuration need to create an accesslog?  Looking at the script that Quanah sent, it appears that it is what's going on.

Thanks in advance


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> Thanks Quanah...I was wondering about that (both points --> slapcat 
> and only focusing on the actual dbases in MMR), too.
> I will attempt that (slapcat)...first.

You might find this script useful as well:




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