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On 2014-01-02 11:50, Pieter Martin wrote:
The problems goes away by using mdb_del instead. However I am still
getting strange behaviour. In particular on deletion. It seems as
though the cursor gets confused when the data it refers to has been

There are DUPSORT-cursor bugs when you have a cursor on a DBI and
modify it using another cursor.  ITS#7771 in www.openldap.org/its/,
not yet fixed.  Is that what you are doing?

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the error in a simple
scenario. It is happening from java code calling lmdb via JNI.

In general I keep a cursor open on the db. Then I remove an entry and
after that call MDB_NEXT on the cursor. Occasionally it then crashes.

When removing data, can MDB_NEXT be called or should the cursor be reset first?

It should work, but that code is fairly new.