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ldif-diff / ldif->ldap sync utilities

[There doesn't seem to be an active general LDAP list anymore,
so I hope it's OK to post here instead.]

I need an ldif-diff utility (take two LDIF dumps and produce an
.LDIF to change one to the other) and maybe an LDIF->LDAP sync
program like this:

- Give me some control of the order in which entries are output.

  I need to ensure that when a "mail:" value moves from one entry
  to another, it should temporarily occur in both entries rather
  than in neither.  Usually that means output the 2nd entry first.

- Fairly fast, but a slower and smarter mode would be nice.

  Fast mode can be crude, e.g. it need not know that "foo:: eHk="
  means "foo: xy" and DN cn=x+uid=y,... matches uid=y+cn=x,...

- Not resource-hungry.  (Don't slurp the entire LDIFs into memory.
  Scan them to build a mapping {dn: filepos} or something.)

- Don't generate a huge "replace: member" change when it instead
  can generate a small "delete:" + "add:" for the attribute change.

  (So it must be configured to know which attrs have an EQUALITY
  matching rule, at least when there is no server to ask.)

- Preferably LDAP-novice-friendly error messages.

It does *not* need to:
- Detect renamed entries.
- Certainly not convert anything to/from Unicode.  Sometimes I've
  had to battle tools to stop them from deciding I want Latin1->UTF-8.
- Preserve entry/attribute order.  (But preserved attr.value order
  is nice for some attributes, even if LDAP does not guarantee it.)