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Re: mdb_stat

--On Tuesday, January 07, 2014 6:39 PM -0800 "Paul B. Henson" <henson@acm.org> wrote:

Where does one typically acquire the mdb_stat binary for use with
openldap? It appears to be part of liblmdb. openldap includes a bundled
copy of liblmdb, but does not actually build mdb_stat. Is the intention
for distributions to have a separate package for liblmdb, which would
include mdb_stat, which one would then install to acquire it (even though
the library isn't needed for openldap itself)? I can obviously just
compile it myself :), but plan to open a bug with my distribution
(Gentoo) to see about making it available, and I'm not sure whether it
would be better to compile the one within openldap and install that as
part of the openldap package, or create a new package for liblmdb. Given
it is still under relatively early development, would it be better to
install the bundled one as ol_mdb_stat or something like that, to make
sure it corresponds to the version actually used by the installed
openldap?  What are other distributions doing?

I build out the mdb_* utilities when I build OpenLDAP.

cd openldap-$(LDAP_VERSION)/libraries/liblmdb; make; \
       cp mdb_stat $(ZIMBRA_HOME)/openldap-$(LDAP_VERSION)/bin; \
cp mdb_stat.1 $(ZIMBRA_HOME)/openldap-$(LDAP_VERSION)/share/man/man1; \
       cp mdb_copy $(ZIMBRA_HOME)/openldap-$(LDAP_VERSION)/bin; \



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