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Ldap password policy not throwing different errors




I use ppolicy overlay and enabled ppolicy_use_lockout to separate between invalid password and locked accounts.


    database    bdb

    suffix      "dc=openiam,dc=com"

    rootdn      "cn=Manager,dc=openiam,dc=com"

    rootpw      "{SSHA}2ttRoo/t5HuMT2nPxtI6goVUML5R2H9h"

    # PPolicy Configuration

    overlay ppolicy

    ppolicy_default "cn=default,ou=policies,dc=openiam,dc=com"




I tried to lock user account by entering wrong password couple of times (pwdMaxFailure)


The user is being locked but when I try to login again I still get the same error:


Invalid credentials (49)


Any idea why i am not getting diffrent error to disticnt between the cases?




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