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Re: openldap problem with synchronization

--On Friday, January 03, 2014 11:20 AM +0100 Robert Mach <mach.robert@gmail.com> wrote:

Unfortunately I can't do an update as this is production environment.

If you insist on using the utterly broken and outdated packages from RHEL, then you need to seek support from them.

If you want a working production OpenLDAP system and are unable to compile OpenLDAP yourself, then I would advise either using the packages from Symas (http://www.symas.com) or the LTB project (<http://ltb-project.org/wiki/download#openldap>).

No one here will be able to help you resolve the fact that what RHEL ships is fundamentally broken.

I also suggest reading the OpenLDAP change log:




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