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RE24 testing call (OpenLDAP 2.4.37)

Ciao all.

I'd like to contribute to this testing call. I'm afraid I haven't been as lucky as the rest of you, guys!

I'm building OpenLDAP 2.4.37 from source under MinGW.
When I type in: make check, all tests pass except the ones (quite a few, by the way) containing the following line:

           $SLAPADD -f $ADDCONF -l $LDIFORDERED (for instance here: test001-slapadd)

52812558 bdb_db_open: database "dc=example,dc=com": dbenv_open(testrun/db.1.a).

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x008061de in pthread_mutex_unlock ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x008061de in pthread_mutex_unlock ()
#1  0x0055d2d1 in ldap_pvt_gettime ()
#2  0x0055d464 in ldap_pvt_csnstr ()
#3  0x004753b3 in slap_get_csn ()
#4  0x0041f2e5 in slap_add_opattrs ()
#5  0x00480fff in bdb_db_open ()
#6  0x00423647 in backend_startup_one ()
#7  0x00423785 in backend_startup ()
#8  0x0043f028 in slap_startup ()
#9  0x00477ed5 in slap_tool_init ()
#10 0x00476a3a in slapadd ()
#11 0x0080dcf3 in main ()

However, if I use: ldapadd ...... using exactly the same LDIF, it works fine.

I've done some Google search but found nothing.

Since I have no knowledge about how to fix this, I'd like to know whether there's a patch available somewhere or how I can overcome this issue.

Thanks in advance.