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Re: slapd appears to incorrectly report an object class violation when renaming an entry

On Wed, 6 Nov 2013, Jon C Kidder wrote:
> I am running 2.4.36 in my sandbox environment and have recently found 
> myself needing to rename some entries in my directory.  Slapd is 
> reporting an object class violation when attempting to rename the 
> entries even though all required attributes are present on the entry.  
> I have a sample ldif that reproduces this problem.
> dn: cn=testuser,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com
> changetype: modrdn
> newrdn: uid=testuser
> deleteoldrdn: 1

Since the old RDN is the CN attribute, passing "deleteoldrdn: 1" asks the 
server to delete the CN attribute from the entry.

> modifying rdn of entry "cn=testuser,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com"
> ldap_rename: Object class violation (65)
>         additional info: object class 'inetOrgPerson' requires attribute 'cn'
> As you can see from the ldif the cn attribute is clearly present.  I am 
> assuming this is a bug and needs reported but wanted to review it with 
> the list members before I submitted the ITS entry.

No, you're telling it to the delete the CN attribute.  If you don't want 
it to do that, put "deleteoldrdn: 0" in your LDIF instead.

Philip Guenther