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Re: Issues arising from creating powerdns backend based on LMDB

On 23/08/13 18:54, Howard Chu wrote:
Mark Zealey wrote:
On 23/08/13 17:08, Howard Chu wrote:
Mark Zealey wrote:

I've found another weird - I have now converted the database to use
duplicates. Typically when I do mdb_cursor_get(... MDB_NEXT ) it will
set the key and value but I've found 1 place so far where I do it
and on
the duplicate's second entry the value is set but the key is empty.

I don't see how this can happen; the only time we don't return the key
is if some operation actually failed. Can you send test code to
reproduce this?

Attached .c shows it - create 3 keys with 5 entries under each. Actually
my report was incorrect - cursor_get() with MDB_NEXT or MDB_NEXT_DUP
never seems to set the key unless it is the first entry read... Perhaps
this is intended?!

Yes and no. It was intended for NEXT_DUP because, since it's a
duplicate, you already know what the key is. It is unintended for
NEXT, for the opposite reason, and in this case it's a bug.

It would be nice to have it for NEXT_DUP as well to be honest - I have a
function that gets called for each record and it would be good not have
to save state between calls.

See latest mdb.master.

Looks great thanks for the quick fix!