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Re: How to start slapd without slapd.conf?

On 2013.08.20 07.59, Steppacher Ralf wrote:
And how to use such a bootstrap LDIF? Starting slapd with -f pointing
to the LDIF does not work. That is what I have been looking for and
could not find.

read man 5 slapd-config [this is referenced from section 5 of the admin guide]. specifically, see the examples section, wherein
slapadd is referenced.

with slapd-config, the slapd configuration is stored in an ldap
database. ergo, just as you would use slapadd [and reference a given
ldif file] to create any other database for use with openldap, you do
the same for the config database.

further, from section 5.4 of the admin guide, "You can then discard the
old slapd.conf(5) file. Make sure to launch slapd(8) with the -F option
to specify the configuration directory if you are not using the default
directory path."

this quite clearly implies that with the new config style, you are to
use -F, *not* -f, right? looking at man 8 slapd, -F says "Specifies the
slapd configuration directory". obviously an ldif file is not a directory.

Another thing I have been wandering about: What is the rootDN if it
is  not set in a bootstrap LDIF like the one below?

then there will be no root dn attribute in the resulting configuration [this means no olcrootdn attribute]. again, see man 5 slapd-config for information on the olcrootdn attribute.

in my opinion, all of the documentation is there.