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Re: How to start slapd without slapd.conf?

On 2013.08.20 03.17, Steppacher Ralf wrote:

I re-read those sections. But they only describe how to convert a
pre-existing slapd.conf file. So, to bootstrap slapd I created a
minimal slapd.conf with just the config database and a rootdn/pw for
it and converted that with slaptest. But I find it a bit awkward that
slapd.conf should be mandatory to get started, but at the same time
is declared deprecated in chapter 5 of the administrator's guide.

Thanks anyway! Ralf

i guess you could call that "getting started", for some value of getting started, but ultimately, the knowledge has to come from somewhere.

once you use slaptest to convert slapd.conf to a config database, you can use slapcat to dump that config database to an ldif. if you do this with a minimal config, then that's what you'll get - a minimal ldif you can use for setting up a system. at that point, you no longer need slapd.conf or slaptest any longer. that's a one time exercise. keep config.ldif somewhere safe, just as you'd keep a sample slapd.conf somewhere, and when you set up a server, a simple slapadd command referencing config.ldif is all that is needed. from that point on, that is the extent of any bootstrapping.