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Re: Mirror mode replication breaks at times.


On 08/07/2013 12:47, Pradyumna wrote:

I have configured mirror mode replication. It's 2 node. Everything works fine but if I don't work on the server or say 30/40 mins or so and then when I try to add or delete any users or groups it don't get replicated to the other node. Am not getting any error in the logs and if I restart the slapd service it's syncs again and giving expected results.  The same setup I have in the test environment and its works like a charm the only difference in this setup is that the 2 servers are hosted on 2 different DC geographically separated where as in test they are in same DC.
In addition to what Quanah has said about running the latest stable release (there was a number of bug fixes for OpenLDAP between now and v 2.4.23) this sounds a bit like a clock syncing/drifting issue, particularly if you have 2 in close proximity that work fine but the 2 that aren't don't.

Having been bitten by this myself in the past for MMR to be reliable and successful the clocks on the servers have to match up almost to the millisecond. I'd recommend using ntpd and syncing them all to a common NTP time source.

I have a line like this in my /etc/ntp.conf:

server my.ntp.servers.IP minpoll 4 maxpoll 6 prefer

Am using the openldap version which comes by default with RHEL 6.3. If it would have been a version issue then I should have expected the same result in test as well? Please help.

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