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OpenLDAP multimaster

Hello Team,

I have a few concern about OpenLDAP multimaster restoration and migration.


I have OpenLDAP multimaster configured on ubuntu 9.04 and OPenLDAP version is 2.4.15. i.e. NODE1 and NODE2

Unfortunatly NODE2 has crashed due to server hardware failure. and running my OpenLDAP infra for a while without multi-master server but I have multimaster confoguraiton on NODE1 which is working without any issues.

1) Is it possible to bind new OpenLDAP version and OS ubuntu 12.04 with existing OpenLDAP multimaster server; existing NODE1 server has config DB and HDB already configured and it contains more than 10000 entry. and NODE2 is already crashed.

2) If yes then what will be procedure to replicate config DB or how to equalize the database.

Thanks & Regards,
25dollarTech Team

Email: 25dollartechhelp@gmail.com