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Re: pure_ftpd & LDAP

this is my file /etc/nsswitch.conf:

# nsswitch.conf(5) - name service switch configuration file
# $FreeBSD: releng/9.1/etc/nsswitch.conf 224765 2011-08-10 20:52:02Z dougb $
group:files ldap
group_compat: nis
hosts: files dns
networks: files
passwd: files ldap
passwd_compat: nis
shells: files
services: compat
services_compat: nis
protocols: files
rpc: files

when i use âgetent passwdâ command  i can see users

From: Rodney Simioni <rodney.simioni@verio.net>
To: maral <pishy_maluse@yahoo.com>; openldap-technical@openldap.org
Sent: Monday, July 1, 2013 6:09 PM
Subject: RE: pure_ftpd & LDAP

What is in your /etc/nsswitch.conf?
Do you see the user when you issue this command âgetent passwdâ ?
From: openldap-technical-bounces@OpenLDAP.org [mailto:openldap-technical-bounces@OpenLDAP.org] On Behalf Of maral
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2013 1:23 AM
To: openldap-technical@openldap.org
Subject: pure_ftpd & LDAP
I installed Pure-ftpd + Ldap and add a user in Ldap
but Pure-ftpd don't recognize that user
how can i fix this issue?

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