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Re: OpenLDAP - how to correct invalid cn values

30.10.2012 12:41, Whiteman, Craig ÐÐÑÐÑ:
> I did change the names in the example to try to protect the actual names - we donât really have a James Bond working for the company!
> The actual entry in LDAP did come from somebody called Steve - it was quite incisive of you to discover it had been base64 encoded. Unfortunately the PHP script was not supposed to encode the value - the cn: and gecos: should contain the unencoded value James Bond as this will match the format of all of the other valid entries in the database. I did attempt to correct the value with ldapmodify but was unsuccessful.
That was stupid joke of mine, Sorry, shame on me.

Attribute encoding is done by client code only (gurus, correct me please
if I'm not right). Perhaps php script also does encode attributes. You
probably did try to change actually correct values with the same (you
thought more correct) values, but the server refused to do this because
it was supposed to do nothing.
You may try different ldap clients to make sure you see the data correctly.

Roman Rybalko