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Re: Fwd: Root cause: Strange OpenLdap performace issue

Tx again 4 the support. The links are Good, it's a good start point. (I've built tons of packages from early 1999, I don't have any time to follow directly the building/testing stage of ldap cause of lack of time, I'll ask my boss to find somebody else that could do it)
Michele MasÃ

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 9:51 AM, Nick Milas <nick@eurobjects.com> wrote:
On 22/5/2012 10:23 ÏÎ, Michele Mase' wrote:

Sorry, I'didn't understand. Which should be better compile/build options?
Michele MAsÃ

>From experience, I recommend using ready-made RPMs (or building from SRPMs) rather than building from source. This way you can upgrade at will and fully control your system in a way compatible with RHEL/CentOS package practices.

Of those I have worked with, I would propose you try using Symas Silver (excluding syncrepl providers - if you cannot afford paid support - otherwise check gold), or full-featured LTB project's RPMs (free, with on-line issue system). We use the latter.

Buchan's RPMs are fine too, but availability is sometimes limited and updates slower. There are surely other RPMs and/or SRPMs around, but the above are - IMHO - a point of reference for CentOS/RHEL.

Discussion on how to use LTB src.rpm and openldap tar.gz source to build Openldap RPMs is here: http://tools.ltb-project.org/issues/394