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Collabograte project

I'm integrating OpenLDAP as an LDAP Directory component in the open source Collabograte project that I recently announced:


Here are some areas of integration configured with OpenLDAP:
+ Username and password authentication to MediaWiki, WordPress Multisite, Cyrus IMAP, Sympa, and ejabberd
+ LDAP Groups used as Sympa Mailing Lists and ejabberd groups

If you want to see the implementation details, you can look at the puppet manifest and other files:




I'd be very interested in hearing any comments, ideas, suggestions, or questions you might have on this. I want to help Enterprise IT do a better job of integrating open source into their environments, as well as improve the collaboration between Enterprise IT and open source project communities.

Please feel free to respond here, on the Collabograte mailing list, or email me directly, whichever you prefer.