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daemon: bind(6) failed errno=98 (Address,already in use)

Hi folks,

i don't understand a little problem with mi ldap server

I installed and configuring my ldap server. after configuring slapd.conf, restarting the server was ok.
then i prepared the client with ldap.conf

# LDAP Defaults

# See ldap.conf(5) for details
# This file should be world readable but not world writable.

URI    ldap://localhost
BASE   dc=amahoro,dc=bi
BINDDN cn=Administrator,dc=amahoro,dc=bi

#SIZELIMIT      12
#TIMELIMIT      15
#DEREF          never

and tryed to test the server:

 ldapsearch -x -W -D 'cn=Administrator,dc=amahoro,dc=bi' -b "" -s base

and it asks me

Enter LDAP Password.

i wrote the password asked me during the ldap installation without success.

i tried to change it with


it asked me the password, i wrote the same password but the answer is

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Invalid credentials (49)
    additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database.

i tryied to comment everything in ldap.conf and restart the ldap server but is failed.

checking in syslog the error is

daemon: bind(6) failed errno=98 (Address,already in use)

do you have any idea about the resolution of this problem?

thank you