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Re: adding new databases and olc*dbconfig must attributes

ben thielsen wrote:
i was experimenting a bit with adding new databases to the config, and
that if the olcsuffix attribute was not provided, it would fail:

providing an olcSuffix attribute in the ldif allowed the new database to
added without error:

this behavior wasn't really all that surprising to me, as i don't really
know in what capacity there might be a database without a suffix defined, even
if it were just "", but what i am curious about is the schema definition for
the olcHdbConfig object class. the best i can tell, only olcDatabase and
olcDbDirectory are MUST attributes, while olcSuffix is not:

why is olcSuffix not a MUST attribute if the database can't be added
it? are there cases different than my exercise where a database might be added
without the need for a suffix? it's not anything that's causing an
insurmountable hurdle, just mostly curious if this was intended.

This is just an artifact of slapd.conf support. Since slapd.conf files aren't affected by the olc objectclass definitions, we need to put the enforcement in the common code instead of in the schema.

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