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Re: Is putting slapd into read-only mode sufficient for backups?

On 7/2/2012 11:53 ÎÎ, Brian Reichert wrote:

I'm curious if the tactics described in this thread are currently


We are using CentOS 5.7 too. Upgrade from 2.3.43 as has been suggested already; it caused us several headaches (esp. database corruptions, which were solved in 2.4.x).

We have tried with success Buchan's, Symas Silver (if you don't need syncrepl provider or use Gold if you would like syncrepl provider functionality and some support) or LTB Project's RPMs. We are currently using the latter in one provider and three consumers (all CentOS 5.7) without problems. See: http://tools.ltb-project.org/projects/ltb for more.

No downtime needed for backups. We are doing hot slapcat and keep backups as LDIF. (Quote: "For BDB and HDB, slapcat(8) can generally be used while the server is running. ") When needed (practically never), we can slapadd from the LDIF (we have done it successfully).

We can even use LTB Project's init script to backup both the config db and the actual db:

# service slapd help
slapd: [INFO] Using /etc/default/slapd for configuration
Usage: /etc/init.d/slapd {start|stop|forcestop|restart|debug|force-reload|status|configtest|db_recover|reindex|removelogs|backup|restore|backupconfig|restoreconfig}

We have successfully used it to backup both databases.

Hope that helps.