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Re: making a full replica: slapd -c "rid=xxx" doesn't seem to work

Peter Marschall wrote:
On Friday, 27. January 2012, Michael Ströder wrote:
For various reasons I would not use the OpenLDAP 2.4.23 packages shipped
with Debian.

Note this article in OpenLDAP's FAQ:

Why is using the OpenLDAP server from a Linux distribution not recommended?

Thisd article is an interesting read, especially as - by pure chance -
2.4.23 is the lastest release officially declared stable of OpenLDAP.

On one hand declaring some versions as stable and on the other hand
recommending people not to use those stable versions when they are provided by
distributions as well as not giving any kind of support for releases declared
stable  (with the exception of the standard "ugrade to the latest release"), I
consider OpenLDAP project's behaviour as contradictory.


Why not simply giving up the "Stable" column on
http://www.openldap.org/software/download/ when these is no difference between
a stable release and any other release w.r.t. long term support, ...


Ciao, Michael.