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Re: How to configure Openldap with the new LDIF configuration

--On Friday, January 20, 2012 5:35 PM -0200 Andrà Ribas <andreribas@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi there,

I am trying to setup a Samba + OpenLDAP server here but it has been a
while since the last time that I did it. Last time that I did it, the
slapd was configured by the file slapd.conf but now I realized that it
has a new configuration method based on LDIF files.

I'm a little confused with this new method and every tutorial that I
find on the Internet says that I should write a slapd.conf and use the
migration tool. But doing that I'll not be using the best feature of
the new method (on-line updates) so I want to learn the new way.

Sorry for this newbie question but I am not understanding how to use
it to add a schema file or even change some configuration. Do anyone
have some tips or even a good tutorial (maybe even a samba related
one) that teaches how to do it in the "right" way?

You administer the cn=config db the same way you do any other LDAP database. You can use "ldapadd" to add a new schema. You can use "ldapmodify" to modify settings.

The easiest way to *bootstrap* the initial cn=config is to have a slapd.conf that you convert to a cn=config DB, and then you use ldapadd/ldapmodify from then on. That is what is being suggested.



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