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How to configure Openldap with the new LDIF configuration

Hi there,

I am trying to setup a Samba + OpenLDAP server here but it has been a
while since the last time that I did it. Last time that I did it, the
slapd was configured by the file slapd.conf but now I realized that it
has a new configuration method based on LDIF files.

I'm a little confused with this new method and every tutorial that I
find on the Internet says that I should write a slapd.conf and use the
migration tool. But doing that I'll not be using the best feature of
the new method (on-line updates) so I want to learn the new way.

Sorry for this newbie question but I am not understanding how to use
it to add a schema file or even change some configuration. Do anyone
have some tips or even a good tutorial (maybe even a samba related
one) that teaches how to do it in the "right" way?

Thanks and sorry for any English mistakes (this is one of my very
first mail to an English listing)
André Ribas