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i am desperated: authentication without success

Hi folks,

i am trying to search my base tree but i am not able to connect due to
"invalid credentials (49)". It seems very confusing because i am sure
i am using the correct password.

sioux@gustav$ ldapsearch -w $my_pass -D
uid=grios,ou=people,dc=ufv,dc=br -b 'dc=ufv,dc=br' -s one
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

The entry's ldif whose rdn is uid=grios is:

dn: uid=grios,ou=people,dc=ufv,dc=br
uid: grios
objectclass: organizationalrole
objectclass: posixaccount
cn: Gustavo Rios
uidnumber: 2000
gidnumber: 2000
homedirectory: /home/grios
userpassword: {SASL}grios@ufv.br
loginshell: /bin/sh
gecos: Gustavo V G C Rios,,,

I am monitoring heimdal kerberos log file and cyrus-sasl log file too.
Nothing is shown there. I DON'T really have any ideia on my mistaken.
May you please help me?

Kind regards.