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I cannot auth against SASL


i am trying to authenticate binding the DN below and it works nicely.

dn: uid=grios,ou=people,dc=ufv,dc=br
uid: grios
objectclass: organizationalrole
objectclass: posixaccount
cn: Gustavo Rios
uidnumber: 2000
gidnumber: 2000
homedirectory: /home/grios
userpassword: {SSHA}dWhcPjgDn4EGb/FwGMYbxx7fIqAuXCN7
loginshell: /bin/sh
gecos: Gustavo V G C Rios,,,

But if i change userpassword attribute to {SASL}grios@UFV.BR it does
not work when i bind the same DN above.
Does anybody have an ideia about my mistaken ?

Thanks in advance.