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slaptest returns "index attribute "reqStart" undefined

Hello list members,

I am trying to setup ldap 2.4.23 on new FreeBSD 8.2 "consumer" server to replace a current system that is quite old. I have copied over the slapd.conf file and associated certs, etc from the production system and I'm able to get the server working using the sample slapd.conf and examples in the quick setup guide.  When I run slaptest -f slapd.conf.artemis on the configuration file I copied over I get the error:

slapd.conf.artemis: line 86: index attribute "reqStart" undefined
slaptest: bad configuration file!

Running the same test on the production server's slapd.conf produces no error at all.

I've googled, RTFM and read man pages trying to get a clue as to what might be causing this, but I'm unable to unearth any leads that have helped so far.  What I have tried is to copy the production *.bdb files over to the new server thinking that was the problem, I didn't try re-indexing those files (just read about slapindex late last night, so haven't tried that yet) I was also thinking that I might need to run slapcat on the production db's and then import the ldif file using slapadd (which I'm setting up to test shortly).

Clearly I'm missing something, I'm hoping that someone here who is much more adept at LDAP can suggest some additional things to try.  Below is what I think are the relevant portions of the slapd.conf file, which shows the section the slaptest complains about, the second section is our replication area which I believe is directly related to the replication process.

database bdb
suffix cn=accesslog
directory /usr/local/var/db/openldap-accesslog
rootdn cn=accesslog
index default eq
index entryCSN,objectClass,reqStart,reqResult,reqEnd

overlay accesslog
logdb cn=accesslog
logops writes
logsuccess TRUE
logpurge 07+00:00 01+00:00

I'm trying to bootstrap my Sys Admin skills (after a 12 year absence) due to the sudden loss of my long time admin, with mixed results! Time will tell, appreciate any suggestions you might have to get me past this particular issue.

Mike Greene
Rock Island Technology Solutions, Inc.
San Juan Islands, WA. 360-378-5884 x201