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kerberos ldap/host.my.domain

Hi folks,

i have just installed openldap and i am facing a situation i would
like to share with you.

In OpenBSD (the OS i am using) i have the keytab file inside
/etc/kerberosV. Its access mode is 600, its ownership is root:wheel.
But OpenBSD specifies a user and group the slapd daemon should run as;
the user is "u" and group "g".
In order to get SASL/GSSAPI working i need to add to the keytab the
principal ldap/host.my.domain. I did it; now the keytab has the
principals host/x.y.z and ldap/x.y.z

But since slapd runs as another user it is prevented from accessing
the keytab file.
So i thought the following possible solutions:

0) Run slapd as root
1) change the permission of the keytab

Any of those options above makes security less secure.
I known there should be some more approaches, but i cannot think it right now.

How did you handle that?

Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation.

Best regards.