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Re: Migrating from RHDS to openldap

Allgood, John wrote:
Hey Guys

We are looking to migrate off our current RHDS environment to openldap. I have
searched the internet and have found documentation that migrates to RHDS. RHDS
is pretty expensive and we will like to move away from that platform. Has
anyone had any experience with doing this type of migration? Any suggestions
are welcome.

I would guess that this type of migration is not too different from migrating off SunDS. But if cost is your only concern, you may just want to look into switching to their free server. As I understand it, they're nearly identical, so that would seem to be the most transparent change.


If you've already looked at that and have determined that it won't suit you, then of course OpenLDAP is the best choice. Even so, minor differences in the way various features are implemented may require some adaptation/adjustments. If you're still planning to go with paid support, obviously members of the OpenLDAP community can give you pointers there as well.

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