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Re: Setup syncrepl on Redhat Fedora

--On Tuesday, June 07, 2011 3:31 PM -0400 Daniel Qian <daniel@up247solution.com> wrote:

I actually read the admin guide for v2.4 and also searched a bunch of
websites. Sorry if my question is too Redhat specific but I am glad you
care to ask about the version of my Openldap setup. I am currently
running openldap 2.4.24-2 on Fedora 15. I sent the list of those files in
the hope that someone on this mailing list knows enough about Redhat
setup and can give me a straight answer so my setup process can be a
little less painful. This will definitely benefit other people as well
since there is not much information about how to do this on Redhat

There should be nothing specific to Fedora/RedHat about configuring cn=config, other than verifying what modules they built OpenLDAP with. One would assume syncprov is one of them. Other than that, how to update a cn=config database for replication is an LDAP function that is not vendor dependant.



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