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Re: *SPAM* Schema definitions: from Sun DS to OpenLDAP

thank for your reply Ian !

Regarding standard format... yes, I presume...
I've the standard 99user.ldif file under Sun DS schema dir and it's containing hundreds of personalized attrs and objclasses as defined through the Admin Console.

congratulations to you for writing the translation routine !


Ian Collins ha scritto:
 On 06/ 7/11 07:06 PM, Silvio Verrecchia wrote:
Hello gurus,

I'm migrating a Sun DS to Openldap and I've an highly personalized
99user.ldif file with user defined objectclass and attributes
(hundreds... :( :( )
Regarding personalized schema definitions, is there a way
(script/batch/etc) to convert quickly and easly a Sun DS 99user.ldif
file to the standard OpenLDAP schema files ?

I feel your pain!

I have a similar problem and I have had to write my own application to load the DS ldif and convert it to something OpenLDAP will accept.

Are your personalised schemas in a standard format? if not then creating a schema file should be your first job.