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Re: *SPAM* Schema definitions: from Sun DS to OpenLDAP

 On 06/ 7/11 07:06 PM, Silvio Verrecchia wrote:
Hello gurus,

I'm migrating a Sun DS to Openldap and I've an highly personalized
99user.ldif file with user defined objectclass and attributes
(hundreds... :( :( )
Regarding personalized schema definitions, is there a way
(script/batch/etc) to convert quickly and easly a Sun DS 99user.ldif
file to the standard OpenLDAP schema files ?

I feel your pain!

I have a similar problem and I have had to write my own application to load the DS ldif and convert it to something OpenLDAP will accept.

Are your personalised schemas in a standard format? if not then creating a schema file should be your first job.