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Re: Novice problem


On 01/06/11 05:46 AM, Aurélien Lafranchise wrote:
Hi all,

I am a very novice (less than a week) with OpenLDAP and I have some
basics problems.

First, I have the 2.4.25 version and I downloaded the Admin Guide as a

I understood that the way to configure the server change from slapd.conf
to cn=config and this change is not clear by reading the documention.

My question is simple, how to create my own DIT without interfering with
the default configuration ?

I took the (quick, lazy) path of making a slapd.conf and using slaptest to convert to the cn=config format. The slapd.conf was basic enough to have database locations and indexing, and I added replication later via ldapmodifies to cn=config.

It also helped that I could look at the entries under cn=config and compare them to my slapd.conf.

The end goal of this server is to have a radius server interrogating the
LDAP one to deliver IP address to a GGSN (GPRS équipement).

So far I've found that the configuration with the fewest points of failure is when the ldap directory is on the same host as the radius daemon. Also, perhaps look into the FreeRADIUS schema for OpenLDAP as a convenient way to get started storing your radius information in the directory.

Thanks for the help provided.

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