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Re: Strange hang scenario, resumes after idletimeout, but plenty of FDs available

On 06/02/2011 01:36 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
Attached is the gdb stack trace from the hang state. It looks like the
the threads are stuck in pthread_cond_wait() from send_ldap_ber(). Are
there other relevant variables/structures to inspect for this scenario?

Also get a netstat -nA inet. Threads waiting in send_ldap_ber() means
their output buffers got full, clients didn't read the pending data.

(Un)fortunately that hang state hasn't occurred since yesterday (even with idletimeout set to 20 min).

I did run that netstat command periodically in any case, just to observe what happens during times of high traffic. The one thing I do notice sporadically is a bunch of connections in FIN_WAIT_1. But they do seem to clear up on their own within a minute or so. So it doesn't look like there's a long-term problem with accumulating TCP connections.

I'll try to capture the netstat during the hang time if/when it happens again.