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Re: Ldap with GroupOfUniqueNames + PosixGroups

On 2/14/2011 04:22, Alejandro Gándara Álvarez wrote:
Hi list,

We  use ldap for applications such as : Samba, Apache, Bugzilla,  Openfire,
Asterisk and more services. Our groups have as Estructural objectcalss
posixgroups. Now we want to integrate ldap with Nuxeo.

This mean we want to use Groups with groupOfUniquesNames as objectclass. So
I have a few Questions?

* ¿Is a good choice use rcf2307bis, to get groupOfUniquesNames and
posixgroups to work together? ¿Could it be a future problem?.
*¿There is another option to get users working with samba without using

Thanks for all

Alejandro Gándara

not sure if samba + groupOfUniqueNames will work, however, having GroupOfUniqueNames and posixGroup together in a single object shouldn't causwe any conflicts to keep samba from running. the only downside is that they need to be managed separately. also, unless you know you NEED groupOfUniqueNames (IE: Your application documentation tells you so), you probably want groupOfNames instead. groupOfUniqueNames doesn't do quite what it appears at first glance.