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Re: DB_CONFIG - Auto remove logs

On Tuesday, 8 February 2011 23:48:02 ldap@mm.st wrote:
> This may have been discussed, but i can not seem to find out why the
> transaction logs are not getting removed when I use DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE in
> DB_CONFIG.  This is on a Redhat 5 openldap 2.3 server.
> DB_CONFIG has the following:
> set_lg_dir /var/lib/ldap/bdblogs
> Doing slapd_db_archive shows about 134 unused files.
> I then did the following (is this the correct procedure to use when
> updating DB_CONFIG?):
> > serivice ldap stop
> > Edited  DB_CONFIG
> > slapd_db_recover

If your working directory is not the database directory, you need to supply -h 
/var/lib/ldap or similar to all db_* tools (including the slapd_db_* 

> > slapd_db_archive
> > service ldap start

Some other packages provide a 'service ldap recover' or 'service ldap2.4 
recover' which does all of this for you ...