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Re: What attributes to authenticate (or) How to block the ldap tree for anonymous users

Hi Diego,

ahh, that makes sense. One last question to that:
Is there any option to encrypt the bindpw instead of using a clear one?

YaST doesn't use any of these options, so I have to edit the ldap.conf for pam manually.

Thanks a lot so far.

Am 05.10.2010 14:02, schrieb Diego Lima:
It seems that you are using ldap to log in to your system, correct? In
this case you'll also have to set it up to authenticate to your
directory with a valid user. I'm not sure how Suse does this, but in
Debian you'd set a binddn and bindpw containing a DN to bind to the
directory with and its password, respectively, in order to allow
libnss-ldap to lookup user names in the database correctly. I'd advise
you to look at Suse's documentation for more information on setting
this up.