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Re: trying to understand referrals

I've now resolved my issues.


2010/8/3 Khaled Blah <khaled.blah@googlemail.com>:
> Is there anyone who knows anything about this and could help me understand it?
> Regards,
> Khaled
> 2010/7/31 Khaled Blah <khaled.blah@googlemail.com>:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm writing an LDAP application using OpenLDAP. First of all, thanks
>> to the many contributors to this project! It's highly appreciated!
>> Now, I'm trying to understand how I can implement an application that
>> knows how to deal with referrals. I've implemented a function which I
>> assign via ldap_set_rebind_proc, however I am not entirely sure what
>> to do within this function that I assign to  ldap_set_rebind_proc.
>> What I've done so far is to parse the url parameter using
>> ldap_url_parse and then assign the data from the LDAPURLDesc structure
>> to my own data structure. Then I call ldap_init and ldap_bind_s in
>> order to bind to the referral. However, it seems I am doing something
>> wrong. Can anyone here give me any hints as to what to within that
>> function that is assigned to ldap_set_rebind_proc?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Regards,
>> Khaled