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trying to understand referrals

Hello all,

I'm writing an LDAP application using OpenLDAP. First of all, thanks
to the many contributors to this project! It's highly appreciated!

Now, I'm trying to understand how I can implement an application that
knows how to deal with referrals. I've implemented a function which I
assign via ldap_set_rebind_proc, however I am not entirely sure what
to do within this function that I assign to  ldap_set_rebind_proc.
What I've done so far is to parse the url parameter using
ldap_url_parse and then assign the data from the LDAPURLDesc structure
to my own data structure. Then I call ldap_init and ldap_bind_s in
order to bind to the referral. However, it seems I am doing something
wrong. Can anyone here give me any hints as to what to within that
function that is assigned to ldap_set_rebind_proc?

Thanks in advance!