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Re: Hmm. No one seems to be able to answer my question about SSL connections

Bryan Boone <v_1bboon@yahoo.com> writes:

> So I will try once more.
> I have successfully setup an openldap server using TLS.
> I generated self sign certs using http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/
> 185.html
> I have succussfully setup a client computer on a different computer than the
> server.
> I copied the cacert.pem to my client computer
> I can successfully run ldapsearch with the -ZZ option on the client PC.
> Now I want to write a client program in C that I can put on any PC, that will
> automatically download cacert.pem from the openldap server, and prompt a user
> to accept or reject the cacert.pem.  If they accept it, I want to store the
> cert in the /etc/ssl/certs directory.  If they do not accept the cert, I want
> to stop the connection.  How do I accomplish this?  I don't see any openldap
> functions that help me do this.

This task is not ldap related. You may either use scp or rsync, If you
want to create your own C program, have a look at libcurl(3).


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