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Re: segmentation fault when attempting to delete olcOverlay={0}syncprov entry in cn=config (Runtime) Configuration

On 07/22/10 04:54 AM, Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
Am Mittwoch 21 Juli 2010, 18:26:58 schrieb jon brandt:
the other deletes work fine (I'm adding then deleting other
directives, for example olcMirrorMode or olcDbIndex and those delete
just fine from cn=config).
Yes. The problematic thing is deleting complete objects (e.g. overlays,
databases). Deleting single Attributes should work just fine and doesn't

It the issue I had with adding an olcDbIndex to olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config a bug that should be reported?

(see thread "Able to delete olcDbIndex config attribute, but not add it.").