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Re: segmentation fault when attempting to delete olcOverlay={0}syncprov entry in cn=config (Runtime) Configuration

Thanks for the reply Ralf!

I got the RPMs for SUSE I believe (i.e. I didn't build the server myself), so I'm assuming the DSLAP_CONFIG_DELETE flag was used.  All the other deletes work fine (I'm adding then deleting other directives, for example olcMirrorMode or olcDbIndex and those delete just fine from cn=config).  I will try to upgrade to a newer version and see if that helps.  What is strange is that this fails on most of the servers I have setup, but there there is one server that has a bit more horsepower that doesn't have the issue, so this leads me to believe it is a timing related issue.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 9:18 AM, Ralf Haferkamp <rhafer@suse.de> wrote:
Am Dienstag 20 Juli 2010, 20:25:46 schrieb jon brandt:
> I looked but couldn't find a match to this issue, so was wondering if
> anyone else has seen something like it or can tell what might be
> wrong in my configuration.  Thanks in advance!
> I'm using OpenLDAP version 2.4.21-47.1 (here is the relevant output
> from "rpm -qa | grep ldap" on my server):
> openldap2-client-2.4.21-51.1
> openldap2-2.4.21-47.1
> openldap2-back-meta-2.4.21-51.1
> I'm trying to get Multi-master replication working between 2 servers.
> In my testing, I have discovered that when I try to reset the server
> (remove the configuration and start again) it crashes when trying to
> remove the olcOverlay={0}syncprov,olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config
> entry in the cn=config tree.  I attached a screen shot of the output
> from tracing with slapd -d -1 when the fault happened in the attached
> file called * segFaultOutput.bmp.*
> If I restart the server, I can run the test again (which configures
> the olcOverlay={0}syncprov entry and then removes it) and it will
> work the first time, but if I run it a second time it will crash.
Hm, did you build your server with -DSLAP_CONFIG_DELETE? If yes, please
note that delete support in cn=config is still experimental. So please
test again with cvs HEAD if it works there. There have been some
changes/fixes in that area recently.

If you didn't compile with -DSLAP_CONFIG_DELETE please make a bugreport
slapd should have rejected the delete operation in that case.