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Re: Openldap client can't see users

Hi Murat,

that maybe sounds harsh, but your information are way too general.

Please point out your exact steps of configuration and your exact software.
My bet goes to your nss_ldap or pam_ldap configuration, this mailinglist is not for these products.

Here it goes.


2010/7/1 murat can tuna <muratcantuna@hotmail.com>
Hi all,

I have a running openldap server on ubuntu  and as a client my localcomputer on Fedora. I have mounted /home directory from my client. Everything works fine so far but client can't solve user names but just Id numbers and I can't login with openldap users from my client computer. I can use ldapsearch and so on without any problem but somehow only users can' be resolved. Do you have any idea what could be the problem? Or do you need more information like smb.conf

Thanks in advance

Murat Can Tuna

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