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Re: Adding Schema

On 01/07/2010 10:05, Alexander Erameh wrote:
On 28/06/2010 10:58, Alexander Erameh wrote:

Just joined this list, so please pardon me for any mistakes.

I have been trying to add "*CourierMailAccount*" object class and
"*qmailUser*" object class for days without success. I created a schema
file and defined the Attributetypes and Object classes and added the
file in the Include statement in slapd.conf but SLAPD does not seem to
recognize the new object classes.

When I try to add users to the Database using LDAPADD, I get the error
message below:

*"ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)*

* additional info: objectClass:value #2 invalid per syntax"*

The #2 objectClass is "qmailuser".

Suggestions and advice will be appreciated.

After adding the include to slapd.conf, you did restart slapd?

When adding users via ldapadd, are you sure that there are no trailing
spaces after "objectclass: qmailuser"?

If your problem still occurs, try posting an excerpt of the LDIF that
fails, and your config.

Yes, I restarted slapd, and I have even rebooted the machine several times
since but the problem remains.
I am attaching four files in .txt format.
The file new-attributes.txt contains the new attributes I added. This file
was converted from .schema to .txt.
The file new-object.text contains the new objects I added
The file slapd.txt is my slapd.conf
The file socotherm-africa.txt is the ldif file containing the new users I
want to add to the database.

The entries you're trying to add have these objectClasses:
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: qmailuser
objectClass: CourierMailAccount
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: organizationalPerson

However, "person" and "qmailuser" are both structural objectClasses. You can only have one structural objectClass per object. You should probably adapt qmailUser and courierMailAccount to be structural...

Note that a confusing side effect of objectClass inheritance (inetOrgPerson extends organizationalPerson which extends person, etc) is that seemingly several structural objectClasses appear in a single entry. This is in effect just one objectClass, the lowermost in the inheritance chain.


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