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openldap & outlook 2007 browsing

Hey OpenLDAP Gurus!

Im sure the above mentioned topic has been discussed a million times but with my hours of googling I have not been able to find anything conclusive.. I know this isnt directly related to OpenLDAP and you dont really support 3rd party software but Im running out of places to ask this question & time. I have gotten Openldap running with MS Outlook 2007 as a client, I am able to search for entries found on my openldap server however when I open the main addressbook window it does not display all the entries at once (aka Browsing). I have started Openldap with debug 256 mode and I can see connections made before clicking the Find button (proving that the "Enable Browsing" option in Outlook does do something) however still doesnt display anything. Does anyone know where I can go from here or atleast point me to the right place I can ask this question?

Thanks alot