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choosing replication strategies

i am new to the OpenLDAP and this is my first post here, so if i missed out the listing - please, tell me.

i read admin guide, and also got LDAP system administration book (unfortunately, it is outdated for the replication part)

i am in search of the best replication strategy for the following scenario: we have 2 geographically distant 'sites' (between two of them is WAN), and each of these needs to have 2 (or sometimes more) OpenLDAP servers. if some data is to be changed, it is done only on one 'site' (our software will redirect client calls to the specific one, based on our business logic). 'sites' must replicate data between them, and that should be done via exactly one dedicated OpenLDAP server in each 'site' (or at least it seems right :) )

Is the N-way multimaster replication best bet, or is it possible to use some other strategy, like mirroring? Naturally, servers will contain mostly some personal data which is rarely changed (but often read)...