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Where to start a migration from passwd/shadow/smbpasswd to openldap


a couple of weeks ago I started to learn ldap and set up some test
servers with the latest openldap for centos 5.4. I learned about
schemas, ldif, ldap browsers etc. So I have an advanced basic knowledge
about the technical fundamentals.

The primary goal is to have the login information for our mail and
fileserver system in one place.

Right now we do use sendmail, dovecot and samba.

After testing some of the migration tools for migrating posix and
sambaSam accounts, I was asking myselve: what is the best way to start
the migration? Right now the directory is completely empty, so I can
start from scratch.

Both types of accounts do have different attributes and furthermore I'd
like to use some inetOrgPerson/organizationalPerson attributes.

So should I first run the smbldaptool or first fill the directory with
the migrate_....sh script?

Thanks for any suggestion or comment or pointing me to any how to/doc.

Best regards,


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